To understand, experience and apply

“The Evolution of Personal Accountability”, in so doing discover and

commit to consciously living your mission.

This workshop will support you to apply the single most significant concept that is the prerequisite of all growth and development -

Personal Accountability.

If you're looking for powerful results in life, personal accountability is essential. This weekend workshop on Jay Fiset's book, Reframe Your Blame, provides the perfect opportunity to understand and apply this single most important concept. Fiset provides easy to understand yet vivid, personal examples of how REFRAME YOUR BLAME can be a catalyst for achievement of desired goals. You will be supported through meaningful activities and inspiring discussions in order to gain an understanding of the power that your thoughts have in the ability to shape one's life journey. With these new insights and wisdom, you'll learn ways to take personal accountability and eagerly move toward the success and ultimate fulfillment that you seek.

If you have not taken this weekend, now is your chance!!


Plus BONUS Items:

  • 1 seat in the Personal Best Level 1: The Truth Revealed - Regular Price of $197

  • (Already taken this amazing course? You can choose to re-audit the course or gift it)

  • 1 seat for a buddy for Jay’s “Accountability Intensive” Weekend - Regular price of $897

  • Digital copy of “Reframe your Blame” by Jay Fiset - Regular Price of $37

  • Digital copy of 12 Pillars of Creation - Regular Price of $497

...All of this is valued at $1628!

All Rights and Intellectual property for the Accountability Intensive Workshop and the REFRAME YOUR BLAME book are the sole ownership of Jay Fiset. The Accountability Intensive Workshop nor his book are included with the recent sale of Personal Best Seminars Courses and Programs to Heather Jones.

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