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Effective date: January 9, 20232488344 Alberta LTD. ("we", "us", or "our") operates the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").IntroductionYour privacy is a top priority at Personal Best Seminars, Inc. ("Personal Best"). We're committed to being clear about the ways we collect, utilize, and safeguard your details when you visit our website, engage with us, or participate in our events. This policy aims to make our practices around privacy easier to understand.About UsPersonal Best is a provider of personal and professional development training on a global scale. We believe in the potential for success and excellence in individuals. Our privacy policy reflects our dedication to safeguard personal information across all our affiliates and subsidiaries.Scope of This PolicyThis document applies to individual data collected by Personal Best through our services — be it over the phone, electronically or on paper — and is compliant with international data protection laws. "Personal information" here means data that can identify you uniquely.Applying the PolicyHere's a summary of our practices:

What we collect: Information you give us by attending events, filling out forms on our site, responding to surveys, or contacting us.How we use it: To provide and improve our services, as well as to communicate with you.Sharing your data: We only share information for providing and enhancing our services, or as legally required.Your choices: You have rights regarding how we handle your data, including options to oppose certain uses and to update your information.Agreement: Using our services means you consent to our collection, use, and sharing of your personal info according to this policy.

Your Personal InformationWe may collect your details in several ways, such as:

During registration or event sign-ups: We ask for personal details like name, contact info, and payment data.Through special requests: Any necessary info to accommodate your specific needs.Via communication with us: Information provided when you reach out.Through surveys: Response data which we analyze while keeping your identity confidential.Analytics. We collect information about the ways people visit and interact with our websites, in the form of cookies and traffic analytics.Audio and Visual Information. We may record our customer service calls, content relating to our programs, and security footage of our properties, which may include your voice and/or image.

Our CommitmentAt Personal Best, we never publish your personal info publicly and ensure your payment details are never stored or shared beyond necessary processing.Your ParticipationBy choosing to use Personal Best's services, you agree to our data practices as outlined in this simplified policy. If you're not on board with how we handle privacy, we advise against using our services.Remember, you play a role in maintaining your privacy. Please review and make choices that best serve your comfort and security.

Your Rights and How We Protect Your Data

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Sensitive Data

At times, we may handle information that some countries consider Sensitive Personal Information. This includes details that could reveal your ethnic background, beliefs, union memberships, health specifics, genetic or biometric data, and more. We only process such information if legally allowed, and we'll always seek your explicit agreement first.

Usage of Your Personal Information

We at Personal Best Seminars deliver exceptional services you’ve grown to expect, using your data solely to enhance your experience with us—always respecting your privacy and committing to not selling your information.Utilization of Your Data:

Account Administration: To manage and secure your account, fulfill your requests, and personalize your service.Communication: For service-related messages, responding to your inquiries, and maintaining proactive customer support.Payment Processing: We handle billing details through secure services for paid offerings and never store or unnecessarily share this sensitive data.Marketing & Surveys: With your consent, we may use your contact information to send promotions and perform surveys, always providing an option to opt out.Event Coordination: For a tailored approach to managing your requests related to travel and event planning.Website Access: Ensuring access to secured parts of our website as appropriate.Legal Compliance & Safety: To abide by laws, respond to authorities, protect rights and safety, enforce terms, and handle emergencies.

Program Content Recording

Personal Best Seminars may record sessions for quality assurance and training. As a participant, you may appear in these recordings. Rest assured, they are used strictly for internal development.Your privacy is paramount to us. We strive to uphold your trust by handling personal information responsibly and transparently.

Information Processing

At Personal Best Seminars, we are committed to legally and ethically handling your information. We only collect and process your data when it meets legitimate conditions set out by the law, including but not limited to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our information processing is founded on several legal bases, which we explain as follows:Consent: We may process your personal information when you've explicitly agreed to it for a specific purpose. If you decide to revoke your consent, you're entitled to do so at any time. However, it's important to note that any processing that occurred before your withdrawal remains unaffected.Contractual Requirements: In instances where we need to fulfill a contract with you, it may be necessary to use your personal information. For example, we require certain data to provide the services that you expect from us in accordance to our agreement. Legal Compliance: At times, we are legally obligated to process your personal information, such as adhering to tax laws which mandate the preservation of financial records.Legitimate Interests: This term implies that we have a valid and equitable reason for using your data, which does not overstep on your rights and interests. Part of managing a business involves using personal information — but we do it respectfully and sensibly.

Information Retention

Personal Best Seminars will store your personal information only as long as it's needed for the purposes described in this policy, unless the law allows or requires a longer retention period. We'll retain your data to carry out our services, comply with legal requirements, enforce our agreements, and resolve any disputes.

Sharing Personal Information

We promise not to sell or lease your personal information for marketing purposes to third parties. However, we may share your data under several circumstances:Service Partners: To help us provide our services, we use third-party service providers. These partners are permitted only to access your data needed for their task on behalf of Personal Best Seminars and are strictly bound to confidentiality and proper use of your information.Affiliates: Your personal information may also be shared with our affiliates who assist in delivering our services and potentially offer relevant products and services to you. Legal Requests and Safety Concerns: If necessary, we may disclose your personal information to legal institutions or law enforcement as part of legal processes or to ensure safety and legal compliance. Business Changes: Should Personal Best Seminars undergo a merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy, your personal information may be part of the transferred assets.Payment Processing: When it comes to credit card transactions, we rely on a third party to process payments. This provider only uses your billing details for payment processing on our behalf and is not allowed to retain this information for any other purpose. By updating our Terms of Use, we aim to be more accessible and comprehensible while maintaining our commitment to legal standards and protecting your privacy. Please visit for the full, updated policy terms.

Understanding Your Privacy Options and Rights

At Personal Best Seminars, we recognize the importance of your data and are committed to empowering you with choices about how it's used. Here's a quick guide on the options you have regarding your personal information and the steps to exercise your rights.

Your Privacy Choices:

Get a Copy: You can ask for a copy of your personal data.Object or Restrict Use: If you feel we're using your data inappropriately, including for marketing, you can request that we adjust or cease its use.Delete Information: Under certain circumstances, you may ask us to erase your personal data.Data Portability: You can request to receive your personal data in an organized, computer-friendly format.

However, please note that there are certain scenarios where we might be unable to fulfill your request, such as when it would compromise someone else's privacy, or when we have the right to maintain your information under existing laws or for vital business purposes. In cases where your information may be incorrect, we'll either correct it upon your provable claim or if we disagree, we will clearly express our reasons and note your objections accordingly.Should you need assistance with actions not addressable via your account settings, please reach our support team via the contact information provided below. Be sure to include your complete contact details. We'll need to confirm your identity, so we ask for proof to ensure your safety and privacy. For multiple, closely-timed requests, we may consolidate our responses, highlighting any noteworthy changes from the initial reply.For any data that's been shared with third parties at your request—such as through third-party applications—it's your responsibility to reach out to those services directly for data removal or restrictions.If you still have concerns after our response, you may have the option to submit a complaint to a data protection authority in your region.Depending on local regulations, separate consent may be required for certain data collection activities. We'll explicitly seek this consent where necessary—for example, when dealing with Sensitive Personal Information as termed by local laws.We respect your wish not to receive marketing materials. Instead of deleting your contact details, we'll flag them to avoid sending you promotional content unless you later decide to opt back in. Please note, service-related administrative messages will continue to be sent to you as needed.For unresolved issues regarding data processing, you can escalate the matter to our Chief Privacy Officer via In the EU or UK, grievances can also be filed with the local data protection authority.

International Handling of Your Data

Personal Best Seminars, as a worldwide entity, aims to offer consistent and quality services. This means we may share your information within our group of companies, service providers, and external associates globally for legitimate business operations. Although privacy laws may differ across borders, we are dedicated to treating your data with care and in line with this Policy.

Types of Personal Data We Collect and Use

At Personal Best Seminars, your privacy matters to us. Over the past year, we have gathered the following types of information from Californians, in line with state laws:

Identifiers: This includes your name, address, email, and phone number.Customer Records: Details such as your birth date, contact information, and payment data.Demographics: Information like your age and gender that falls under protected classification as per state and federal laws.Commercial Information: Data related to your purchases and transactions.Employment Details: What you do for a living, your employment history, and related information. Digital Footprints: Your internet activities such as browsing history, and interaction data.Geolocation: Where you are located based on your device data.Multimedia: Any audio or visual digital content you may provide.Inferences: Assumptions based on analysis of the collected data.

We have outlined how we acquire this personal data in our Global Privacy Policy section titled "Types of Personal Information We Collect."Our goal in collecting this information is straightforward: it helps us provide and improve the products and services you enjoy, manage relationships with vendors, and achieve our operational and business objectives.For a complete understanding, please refer to our detailed Global Privacy Policy.


At Personal Best Seminars, we collaborate with external analytics providers who apply certain technologies to gather insights on how you and others engage with our website. Services like Google Analytics aid us in enhancing the performance and user experience of our site by examining your interactions. This examination helps us pinpoint successful features and those needing improvement, fostering the enrichment of your online experience with us.

Your Information's Safety - Security

Safeguarding your personal data is a priority for us. To protect the personal information you entrust to us, we implement Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") technology. When SSL-enabled browsers are used, your data transmission is encrypted for added security. You can confirm encryption by checking for a lock icon or a "https://" prefix in your browser's address bar.While we store your personal data with stringent physical and digital safeguards such as firewalls, please be aware that no security system is impenetrable. We strive to prevent data incidents, but in the event of a breach, we are committed to informing you as legally required, enabling you to safeguard your rights.

Engaging with Social Media

Our website integrates features from third-party social media platforms, offering you the ability to interact through plug-ins. By using these functions, these platforms may recognize your usage, potentially linking it with your social media profiles. Before engaging, we recommend reviewing the privacy policies of these platforms to understand their data handling practices. Activating these features is at your discretion and risk.

Experience Our Apps

For enhanced customer interaction, Personal Best Seminars provides downloadable mobile apps with diverse functionalities. Like our services, these apps might collect personal and other data, which will be treated per this Privacy Policy.


The interests of minors are important to us, and adult supervision in children's online activities is encouraged. We do not knowingly collect personal identifying information from minors through our website.

Updates to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. We will inform you of significant amendments by posting a notice on our website's homepage with a link to the updated policy. The date at the document's conclusion reflects when these terms were last updated.

Contact Us

For any inquiries concerning these terms or our privacy practices, please contact:Office of the Privacy OfficerPersonal Best Seminars c/o 2488334 Alberta LTD

Effective Date: January 9, 2023

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