Personal Best Seminars


Personal Best Seminars


Transformation is a results-oriented journey.

Is there something you want to achieve, but feel like the right tools and understanding you’re missing?

Take ownership of your life and join this weekend transformation workshop!

Gain a greater sense of control, accountability, and empowerment on this short but effective program - come out with clarity on what you truly want, understand how win/win situations can be applied in your life, and feel equipped with new tools that will unlock limitless opportunities for personal growth. Becoming more empowered has never been easier - join us today!

Our seminars are all experiential in nature. This means participants are up moving and experience where they currently are and experience moving into something new. Our students actively participate in the learning process. Research shows an 85% retention rate with experiential learning compared to 15-25% in a lecture setting.

After a weekend in this course you can feel:

  • An Understanding of WHAT YOU WANT


  • EQUIPPED with powerful Tools


  • EMPOWERED to go after the Transformation Results you Desire

Purchase your seat for only $197

(Regular Price $997)

And for this monumental event, we have some transformational BONUS items:

  • Digital copy of “Reframe your Blame” by Jay Fiset - Regular Price of $37

  • Digital copy of our NEW Self Discovery Workbook of $97

...ALL of this is Valued at $1131

Hours of Personal Best Seminars Level 1

Wednesday - Evening

Thursday - Evening

Friday - Evening

Saturday - Full Day

Sunday - Full Day

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