Heather, an inspirational leader, coach and facilitator, is making waves in the Personal Development Industry. Harnessing her powerhouse of wisdom and insight, Heather has made a remarkable impact on those she works with. With her witty personality, loving care, and organized sense of purpose, she is a vibrant and highly capable professional who is uniquely qualified to help people navigate life's toughest challenges.

Heather Jones, a dynamic entrepreneur with a knack for propelling goals forward at remarkable speed, juggles being a business owner, spouse, and parent with exceptional grace. Her friends often marvel at her high-speed, strategic approach to goal-setting and her ability to clinch achievements with unwavering determination. Heather's infectious enthusiasm and sharp humor invariably spark joy, lighting up the room and warming hearts.

As the lead facilitator at Personal Best Seminars, Heather dedicates herself to empowering individuals to identify and pursue their own definitions of success, especially those ambitions that have remained tantalizingly out of reach. She leverages her expertise to illuminate a clear, achievable path for personal and professional triumphs.We all hold aspirations that we've yet to capture, and through Heather's guidance in coaching and programs, countless people have not only chased but grasped their dreams. From her influence, many have seen career breakthroughs to enriching enhancements in personal life, underscoring real, lasting change.

Her story isn't just one of her own success; it includes the narratives of those she's impacted. It's about the parent who found the patience and tools to craft a more nurturing home, the aspiring professional who learned to transform ambition into achievement and the couples who open doors for communication after honouring the neutral event in which to commit to learning and growing from.

Insights from her seminars and coaching aren't just theories; they're the life-altering experiences of seminar attendees who've unlocked their potential and forged ahead to new horizons.

As you consider what improvements you hope to bring into your world, know that Heather Jones and Personal Best Seminars offer a reliable, empathetic, and insightful path to your personal elevation.

Experience Heather's unique brand of leadership by signing up for personalized one-on-one life coaching sessions with her. With her extensive experience in small business development, co-parenting and step parenting, effective primary relationship practices, and understanding children's mental diagnoses, Heather is well-equipped to guide you through life's ups and downs.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with Heather and transform your life. Sign up for life coaching sessions with her today.


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  • 1 Month

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Engage with her in personalized weekly sessions designed to not only tackle the goals you've yet to accomplish but to also kindle the passion needed to achieve them. Achieving your dreams transcends mere actions; it's equally rooted in the beliefs you hold about your potential. Heather's holistic strategy provides crucial support at both the behavioural and belief levels, setting a foundation for genuine and lasting success.

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