Heather, an inspirational leader, coach and facilitator, is making waves in the Personal Development Industry. Harnessing her powerhouse of wisdom and insight, Heather has made a remarkable impact on those she works with. With her witty personality, loving care, and organized sense of purpose, she is a vibrant and highly capable professional who is uniquely qualified to help people navigate life's toughest challenges.

Experience Heather's unique brand of leadership by signing up for personalized one-on-one life coaching sessions with her. With her extensive experience in small business development, co-parenting and step parenting, effective primary relationship practices, and understanding children's mental diagnoses, Heather is well-equipped to guide you through life's ups and downs.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with Heather and transform your life. Sign up for life coaching sessions with her today.


Option 1


  • 2 coaching sessions - 1 hour

  • 3 SDG Calls* - 15 min calls for quick chats

Option 2


  • 5 coaching sessions - 1 hour

  • 5 SDG Calls* - 15 min calls for quick chats

Option 3


  • 12 coaching sessions - 1 hour

  • 8 SDG Calls* - 15 min calls for quick chats

What is an SDG Call*? This is a Self Directed Growth Call? As clients lead themselves through personal development journeys the ultimate goal is to be self directed. Self directed would be seeing themselves through the observer's lens and identifying what their trigger is. Then identifying an accountable solution. However, getting there isn’t as quick as we’d like it to be. These brief calls are to assist clients in seeing their next level of self directed growth.

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