Core Program



This is the first step to transformation and it involves recognizing our current belief system, both at the conscious and unconscious level.

Do you want to BE something more BUT you don’t have the right  tools?

Do you seek better relationships, health, career but don't know how to to that?

Do you struggle with your purpose in life?

After 3 evenings and 2 days in this course you can feel:

  • Equipped with new TOOLS

  • An Understanding of WHAT YOU WANT 

  • An understanding of WIN/WIN and how it shows up in your life

  • Accountable, rather then Victimized

  • Growth and EMPOWERED



After completing Level 1, we have a better understanding of our current state. The next step is to apply ourselves to make the necessary changes.

The purpose of Level 2 is to create an environment which provides you with an opportunity to experience, accept, and share yourself openly and spontaneously, and to more fully experience yourself as the cause of your experiences in life. 

Over the course of 5 days, participants have an opportunity to apply new skills in these life areas:

  • Cause

  • Choice

  • Communication

  • Commitment

  • Completion



The final step to lasting self transformation, is to make the changes a part of your daily life. Upon graduating Level 1 and 2, the next step is Level 3 which involves creating habits that will help maintain new, supportive belief systems.

The weekend and mini seminars are designed to provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others so you are better equipped to integrate the concepts into your life.

Integration takes time and effort. Therefore, Level 3 consists of 3 weekends and 8 mini seminars. 

The flow of the 3 months is as follows:

  • Direction Setting Weekend

  • Four Mini Seminars

  • Ropes Weekend

  • Four Mini Seminars

  • Celebrations Weekend

Additional Programs

A Creation Circle is designed to be an ongoing support system that helps individuals achieve their goals and intentions on a year-long basis. Think of an accountability group blended with a personal development process. That’s a Creation Circle.

Through the personal development component of the Creation Circle, members will benefit from continued support, challenge and encouragement to create success more easily.

Join us for a captivating weekend workshop where you explore the transformative power of these three simple yet powerful ideas for personal development. Discover how gaining a grasp on these concepts enables us to experience mastery, effectively manage our energy and will, consciously choose the meaning we attach to life's pivotal moments, and weave them together into a life mission for creating the life we desire. Don't miss out on this opportunity for growth and self-discovery!

This workshop will support you to apply the single most significant concept that is the prerequisite of all growth and development -

Personal Accountability.

If you're looking for powerful results in life, personal accountability is essential. This weekend workshop on Jay Fiset's book, Reframe Your Blame, provides the perfect opportunity to understand and apply this single most important concept.

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