A Creation Circle is designed to be an ongoing support system that helps individuals achieve their goals and intentions on a year-long basis. Think of an accountability group blended with a personal development process. That’s a Creation Circle.

Each member of the group sets personal goals for the next 12 months, and each month we introduce one of our twelve pillars of creation:

- Pillar 1 – I Embrace Personal Accountability.

- Pillar 2 – I Create More Than I Consume.

- Pillar 3 – I support Sustainability and vote Consistently with all my Resources.

- Pillar 4 – I Align My Life Around My Passions and Gifts.

- Pillar 5 – I Live a Life of Abundance, Generosity and Celebration.

- Pillar 6 – I am the Source and Cause of all my Experiences and Results.

- Pillar 7 I Accept and Understand my Needs and Get them Met so I can Create from a Clean and Clear Space.

- Pillar 8 I Am an Active Learner and Teacher.

- Pillar 9 I Am Grateful for Who I am and What I have.

- Pillar 10 I have a Spiritual Practice.

- Pillar 11 I Nurture and Care for My Body.

- Pillar 12 – I understand and support Entrepreneurship either as one myself or Support one I believe in.

These pillars are designed to help break down any limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your goals. Through the personal development component of the Creation Circle, members will benefit from continued support, challenge and encouragement to create success more easily.

Whether your goal is personal growth or career advancement, a Creation Circle can help you get there. Plus, the accountability and camaraderie of working with a group will make staying motivated much easier!


  • Focused goal achievement

  • Belonging within a group of like minded people

  • A safe place to be heard and seen

  • Sense of accomplishment and success

  • Clarity of purpose and mission

  • Decisive Decision Making skills

  • Confidently Execute Tasks

  • Strong and Lasting Relationships

  • Forgiveness of self and others

  • Creating Trusting Connections

  • Creating Resolution in Conflict

  • Sense of pride

  • Celebrating achievements

  • Part of a bigger life purpose and contribution


The group meets, in person to discuss progress, obstacles, requests for input or support, and commitments. The process follows a set agenda and is facilitated.

Creation Circles typically meet in person once a month as the meetings are between 3-4 hours. Groups may elect to meet outside of their formal monthly meeting, either socially or to work on group projects.

The group follows the suggested meeting outlines in order to achieve strong results, Leader by a Creation Circle Leader. 

Consistency will support your Creation Circle group. For example, picking a constant date/day and time for your meeting makes it easier to remember (I.e. The first Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 10:00 pm – location to rotate between member homes)Each group has its own ‘flavor’. The style and focus of the group may vary. For example, some Creation Circle groups may be focused on supporting the members in a specific area (such as incorporating more creativity into their lives or finding a relationship partner).

Some groups are purely focused on individual goal achievement. Some are dedicated to learning specific skills (Social Media Marketing or Feng Shui in your home ), or making a contribution (for example, philanthropic Creation Circle groups). The tone of the group may be serious or playful. More focused on results or on the journey. Highly formal or more casual. The appropriate tone and approach is the one that works for your group.

The one that helps you achieve the results you are all committed to. Some of that tone will be determined by the Creation Circle Leader you are working with—but it is also set by the group.What is important is to gain consensus on what the tone, focus, and approach of your group will be—and to stick to it long enough to see if that is working for you. If not, adjust as necessary.

Creation Circle groups do work best when structured, but they must also be flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. What matters is what is effective in creating consistent and powerful results for the members.



Heather Jones

Heather Jones is an enthusiastic businesswoman, wife and mother, with charismatic wit that never fails to bring forth joy and smiles from those around her. She values structure and is ever so purposeful in both her personal and professional life. Overall Heather is passionate about helping others recognize their potential as individuals while having fun along the way!




After years of personal development, Crystal Kaufman left the corporate world that she thought defined security and safety, only to learn she is actually the creator of her own security and stability.  She started her own company supporting entrepreneurs and spiritually minded trailblazers with their business development and marketing strategies.  




Ali believes the journey of self development is never ending as she considers herself a life long learner who is committed to inner evolution. Ali had been on a spiritual journey prior to completion of PB 1,2 & 3 but needed the grounding work that came from the entire personal best journey. That rooted work has created a foundation that has empowered her to step into heart led and soul led leadership.




Having experience her own transformative journey personally and professionally, Linsay Doyle, through her commitment to her inner evolution, has created a foundation that has empowered her to step into heart lead leadership, guiding others on their own transformative path.




Dallas Sleeman is passionate about financial health and well-being. After spending nearly 10 years in the financial industry, and having to traverse a major life transition with the end of a significant primary relationship, Dallas began to understand there was a need to address how we relate to ourselves and our money.


Specific agendas have, or will be provided for each group meeting in the Resource section of your manual. The minimum commitment to a Creation Circle is 12 months. It is anticipated that members will continue on for subsequent years to maintain and continuously build on the momentum achieved.

Obviously the groups that run longer will have additional opportunities to incorporate more activities and a deeper understanding of the 12 pillars.

REGULAR PRICE of $197/month

RE-LAUNCH Pricing for 1 year Membership:

1 payment of $997

Or break it up into:

2 payments of $525


12 monthly payments of $97

One Year Membership Includes:

- Monthly Inner Circle Membership

- Monthly Creation Circle Membership

- Free Seat to Level 1 each course. For you or to give away

See What Others Are Saying...

E. Harbison

“Creation Circles provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to come together, share their knowledge and experiences, and foster supportive relationships.Through my participation in these circles, I benefited from a sense of belonging, development of my leadership skills, and an ongoing support network. ”

P. Willerton

“The Creation Circle taught me that working with a group of committed and individuals can create lasting value. I developed valuable skills, such as leadership, communication and collaboration, while at the same time forming life-long friendships with other participants. I was most proud, however, when my work in the Circle lead to me being published in a book - a huge accomplishment! Through my participation I have grown as an individual in ways that will benefit me for years to come. It was truly a rewarding experience!”

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