Crystal Kaufman


About Crystal

About Crystal

Since embarking on her personal development journey in 2011, Crystal hasn't looked back, steadfast in her commitment to becoming the best version of herself.

Her journey, marked by overcoming fears and fostering strong connections, showcases a dedication to empowering others that makes her a dynamic force. Crystal is now thrilled to embrace her partnership with Personal Best Seminars.

Crystal Kaufman left the corporate world that she thought defined security and safety, only to learn she is actually the creator of her own security and stability. She started her own company supporting entrepreneurs and spiritually minded trailblazers with their business development and marketing strategies.

With this leap of faith, it meant overcoming her fear of being seen and being significant. Crystal completely flipped her business mindset, and embraced her knowledge, brilliance, and mission to be an independent successful woman.

Determined to not just achieve success in her career, she additionally applied her growth to create a strong, healthy, connected relationship with her son and a supportive circle of friends. She also attracted a strong, united, and conscious relationship with a partner that she always dreamed of. Crystal continues to contribute to the world in a powerful and passionate way with helping others achieve their own success in their life and business.

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